Thursday, June 17, 2010


We set of on Friday evening at 6 pm and what should have been a relax 200 km drive turned into a 7,30 h maraton of breakdowns which ended up with 2 bike in a van. But we finally made it to the campsite a around 1,30 Am.
Needless to say that the troops that where awaiting our arrival where already in a other state of mind.
We quickly made up for the lost hours and arrived at the party tent at 3,30 Am.
Rob on the iron & Clark (our brother from LA) on the sporty
My bike with the GPS & Brams bike, another point we didn't tought true enough, direction where Antwerp-Eindhoven-Venlo-Duisburg-Bottrop not nearly enough indication to get to the actual site!!!!!
Upon arrival
Clark, Gill & Rob
Leslie,Rob, Clark, Bux, Gill, Bram & my brother
Gill, Tiny, Aline & Me
My new way of transport
El Cheapo tank
Julian & Me
The crowd
Gill on the way back on his Purple Rain Iron
Bram, Me, Gill, Nico & Bux on the way back
Ready to go home
Tommeke Bluts, Me & Pascal
Clark chilling
The grounds
Julian on Rob's Iron Dice bike show winner
Dean Dice representing!!!
The trophy
The bike's

The H/H trumps
Le Beef Custom's bikes
Awesome Knuck winner of the Daggers Bike

Gill & Rob's Iron's
Le Beef's Pan
Mathias trumph
The Car's

The Race's

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