Monday, February 28, 2011

Falcon Motorcycles

Falcon Motorcycles Kestrel: Making Of from Falcon Motorcycles on Vimeo.

This Weekend

Rob and I left early in the morning to the swapmeet in Schilde , found some interesting stuff.
Had a Belgian breakfast : Trappist & sandwitch.
Then we where off to Brussels to deliever the goods to the Supra store , had a little chat with Miky and his lovely wife.For all of you who where to late to order product on our shop check out the webshops of our stockist they might still have some stock.
Had a little strole around Brussel and had a drink in one of the nicest bar which is called the L'archiduc and is still in original art deco condition.
After that we drove back to Antwerp and had a few drinks in the Kulminator .
This bar has been called the best bar in the world when it comes to beer.
They have over 600 beers on the card, one can get seriously waisted there.

We should have bought these.

Rob in the L'archiduc
The Kulminator Antwerp
Aline & Rob

Now & Then



Friday, February 25, 2011

Now Up For Grabs

Sweats and T-shirts are now on the webstore.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Day At Our Denim Producer

It has been quit here blog wise, but we're back.
I spent an day at our denim supplier last week which was a blast, the place is packed with Union Special machines, it's pure sewing-machine porn.
I don't spend nearly enough time here!