Friday, July 23, 2010


We have been on the road since 3 day visiting stores to sell our collection to.
Yesterday we were in Amsterdam for an appointment with Renne from the Tenue de Nimes and we are very pleased that as of January we will be in their store;
After that we strolled around Amsterdam since at 5Pm the TdN guy's where having a little opening party for their Red Wing store which by the is the Awesome
Met some really cool people had a few beers what does one man wants more
; check out more here
The trunk of the Jeep with our samples.
The New Red Wing store

Had a beer in one of the oldest bars in Amsterdam

One of the oldest and smallest tabac
o shops ever shop
On the way back we stopped in Utrecht to say hello to Marly and due to a key problem ended up staying there for the night,
A few houses down from Marlys place there is an Rietveld house still in full original condition,
So cool to see these places in real life

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