Monday, September 20, 2010


On our Holiday to France this August we passed this place in the car what looked like a bistro. When we parked the car and walked back we saw that this place housed this incredible knife shop.

The place is owned by Mano, who is super friendly and makes all knives by hand in the back of his shop where he seams to live also, he is a truly amazing craftsmen!

My girlfriend was so sweet to get me one for my birthday!
It's going to be the one in the middle below, that we could pick up after 4 day's.
Check out the result! Thanks Peggy!

In case you where wondering what that curly part was for.......
If you are ever in Villa Real, go check him out!


  1. Nice knives - but i seriously need a pair of jeans. PLEASE contact me.

  2. Hey Scott,

    The clothing will only hit the shop around December but keep you eyes on the webshop some items may be on sale sooner.