Saturday, February 12, 2011

What we been up To

Last week our first production came in ,so Rob went out to pick everything up needless to say the both of us where stoked to see how the product came out, the garage got changed into Eat Dust warehouse & distribution center.
Spend the whole evening and most of the night prepareing the boxes for our customers.
Which have been send out by now.
I'll put up a list of all the store that will stock our product, stay tuned.
Eat Dust van

Rob preparing the boxes

Fit 736 which we almost ran out off only few left!

Rob checking out the production , new blue lining looks the part.

A moment of reflection

All bikes have been pushed to the back

Rob & I

Ready to be shipped

Thanks to all the shops who have supported us and all of you how have bought stuff online.


  1. Garage nights will turn into box packing and shipping nights, haha !
    Keep a pair aside for me.