Friday, June 22, 2012

Motorious Copenhagen

A few weeks ago I was back on a plane to the fair city of Copenhagen, this time for the shop opening of Motorious.
Lucky me it was the same weekend as the the opening of John Copeland's exhibition at the V1 galery.
I've been a fan of his work for a long time and was very happy to finally see his work in the flesh.
However first stop was James (Customs from Jamesville) workshop and after that we met up with Rakel & Kasper who where so kind of offering me shelter for the weekend.
James Toy's
                                                                      The workshop

As it was a sunny day James decided he could have a day off and we went bar hopping with Rakel
                                     At the  Motorious Shop: James and Shop Co-Owner Lau
                                                      Plenty of Indian's In Copenhagen
                                                                 In front of Motorious
                                                                    John's paintings

                                                  Hanging out in front of the Gallery
                                                     James ,John and the Lovely Jess
                                          James and Matthias (Le Beef) bikebuilder genius
Good times in the company of good people.
More later.

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