Thursday, March 28, 2013

Capsule NY

The getting from Paris to NY had become the biggest endeavor of traveling history.
After 2 canceled flights from Paris to NY we decided to get back to Belgium and fly from Brussels but even a simple 2H train ride took almost 12H.
We finally made it the next day and for once no cues at customs and no traffic problems to get into Manhattan and had our booth set up by 12.
Got some nice visits from Paul Cox and his lovely wife, Cicero and Katie, and the lovely Norah
2 days of Capsule and then we had a few extra days in the city.
Had some appointments and went to the see our friends from Graveyard play .
Met up with Twiggy to discus a little project.
Passed by Tommy Gun's barber shop and got a trim and a drink with Russell.
Got tattooed by the lovely Rakel.
A little party at the No Name bar with the usual suspects.
Got some food and drinks with the one and only Troy Denning.
It's always a blast to be in this city , can't wait to go back.

Holland Tunnel

Set Up Time

Ready for business 

Stripe buddies

Our friends from Pike

The boy's from Indigo Fera

Rakel getting tattooed by Diego

Twiggy's studio

Rakel & Diego

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