Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dice Mag 55 Release Party

We were asked by Matt and Dean to do the Dice Issue 55:

What do you say to that ? FUCK YES

As a lot of you we are fans from the first issue and Dice has paved the way for a lot 
of the magazines that are out there now and the way we look at bikes today.

So we are trowing a party here in the outskirts of Antwerp!!

 We would like to thank Matt & Dean for this opportunity .

Here are some maps on how to get there from different routes.

There will be signs up once you leave the highway : and you will have to drive on some unpaved roads 
to get to the venue.

De Schuur
Kantonbaan 2
2520 Ranst

For all you who come from far there is place to camp , there will be food , there is plenty of car parking and most important there is bike parking.

If you need more info feel free to contact us : eatdustclothing@gmail.com

From Breda , Rotterdam, Amsterdam

From Eindhoven ,Venlo, 

From Ghent, Brussels , Lille

Painting by Nicholas Coleman 

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  1. Very cool Party, great location.
    Thanks from Germany. See u at Herten.