Thursday, November 10, 2011

Eat Dust /MB Leathers

We got in contact with Mario of Mb Leathers a while ago when he ordered a pant of us.
He send us a link to his website and we checked out his work , a few months later we met up at the Brooklyn invitational and Mario told us he was going to make us a belt.
And so he did , and man this is more than a belt.
This is craftmanship of the highest level!!!!
Mario doesn't do half assed work.
So we started talking of maybe producing these belts , and as of today we are very proud to be able to offer these in our webstore.

Here's the drill:

When you order one of these belts we are going to send you a mail, with an explanation on what measurements we need from you and an expected delivery date: yes you heard it right these are Bespoke belts made to measure for each customer.
Notice: This is only a belt. There is no buckle attached, the belt will have a snapbutton system so you can att you favorit buckle to it.

Here are the fact's:

Belt is 2 x 3,5 mm veg tan cow hide from the back, not the neck (everybody uses neck cause its cheaper, i only use back cause it has no wrinkles)
hand cut to 4 cm wide.
letters are stamped with alphabet stamps to the leather , then partly cut out by hand with a scalpel .
all glued together (difficult, not to get the glue to the denim, where it should not be)
then dryed, and sealed with satin sheen. not applied to the denim.
then sewn up by hand.
As these are all made by hand it can take up to 3 weeks to get them done , so you will need to be patient: but it's well worth the wait!!!!!


  1. Damn' cool!
    I am afraid that I will need one ;-)
    You do not talk about the price by purpose, I suppose?


  2. Hey Olek,

    The price for the belt is 200€.
    Go to our webshop for more info.