Friday, November 18, 2011


Last week Rob discovered this new shop right around his corner.
Both of us have been complaining for years that Antwerp didn't have a real denim shop like you can find in so many other places.
Now the complaining is is over, Okiya is what we have been waiting for.
We met up with the owners this week to show them our collection and we can only hope that they will carry our products.
Would be nice to have a shop representing Eat Dust in our hometown.

The shop is located in the North part of Antwerp, it's not on your typical route of shopping but this one is worth will making a little detour.

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  1. We were honored to meet you guys... and yes, we are deciding upon which of your lovely garments we would like to order 4 the store. We were blown away by each item! Cheers and talk soon! Rob