Monday, December 12, 2011

Denim PV Paris

Last week Rob and I drove up to Paris to visit the Denim PV fair , we don't have any pic's from on the fair , all I can say is that we found a new fabric and it's killer.
That's all we will say on it for the moment.
After that we went into town to visit Rockers Speedshop and on the way there we stopped at Ken Claude.
This shop has been around for a while to say the least, it's filled to the celling with shit.
If you are in Paris go visit this shop :

On our way from Ken Claude to the Rockers Speedshop we passed by an art gallery and I noticed that they had some sculptures of AJ Fosik in the window but at that point it was closed.
On our way back the gallery was open and it was the opening evening of the exposition.
For those of you who don't know who AJ Fosik is he is also the one that did the new album cover for Mastodon(that should ring a bell with some of you)
Would have loved to buy a sculpture but unfortunately no money.
Was cool to these these pieces in real.

Leaving Paris

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