Monday, December 19, 2011

Madeira Drive

On Friday Rob & I drove down to Dusseldorf to visit our friend Hagen who had just opened his new shop in the city center.
The shop is located in an old gas station and looks FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!!!!
If you are near you have to go and pay this shop a visit.
Another nice thing about the shop is , that Hagen has his workshop in the back of the store.
For a lot of us this is heaven .
There will be an opening party in January but more info on that later on.
Here are some pictures of the store.
After that we went into town to a local watering hole where they still serve beer from Kegs.
We had a few and where on our way back home with a little stop at the Iron Pit in Helmond where Ronny had taken apart Rob's engine.
A nice surprise was that the engine is filled with race goodies , we knew that the engine was a fast one. But once the overhaul is done it will HAUL ASS!!!!
This will be Bottrop dragrace material.

The Shop

The workshop

For everyone whose still looking for Eat Dust Goods and lives near to Dusseldorf go to Hagen he stock almost everything from the collection.
You will have a very good change finding what you are looking for.

Dusseldorf by Night
Inside the Bar

What is hidden in the engine.

Ronny's Pan

Some other bikes in the workshop

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